Carrand 93012 Automotive Wheel Brush

Carrand 93012 Automotive Wheel Brush
Carrand 93012 - Carrand’s wheel brush has non-scratch soft bristles. Measures approximately 9. 5". For 30 years carrand has pioneered automotive cleaning with innovation, quality, and value to help customers maintain their vehicles' "showroom new" appearance inside and out. The brush is safe with most wheel finishes and comfort molded handle.

Carrand 93012 Automotive Wheel Brush - Non-scratch soft bristles. Wide loop cleans all sides. Comfort molded handle. Safe with most wheel finishes.

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Carrand 92010 Grip Tech Deluxe Wheel Brush

Carrand 92010 - Ideal for removing heavy dirt and road grime. Every brush fiber has been selected for a specific use from very fine detailing to heavy tire scrubbing. These core ideas have laid the foundation for their continued growth and their constantly evolving list of innovations. Patented mount design holds bristles.

Carrand 92010 Grip Tech Deluxe Wheel Brush - . Grip tech handle for comfort and function. Two separate durable bristle loops for complete cleaning. The autospa grip tech Brush uses a patented triangular grip design for both comfort and function. Their focus has been and will always continue to be on creating break-through ideas to build value for every customer.

Autospa is changing the way cleaning products are used by understanding the need for innovation, functionality, design, and quality in every product they make. Professional grade quality that provides superior results.

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